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The best decision I’ve ever made

Posted by Rich
May 30, 2020

Servicio Excelente!

Posted by David
April 8, 2020

Muy profesional. Me regreso todas mis llamadas. Contesto con honestidad todas mis preguntas. Me supo comprender. Yo recomendaria sus servicios a todos.

Excellent service

Posted by Keisy
April 1, 2020

Very professional. Got back to me quickly. Was very understanding. Answered all my question. I’d definitely hire again and would recommend his services to everyone!

Amazing lawyer extremely professional and a life saver!

Posted by Yama
March 19, 2020

Neil Opdahl-Lopez not only defended me with his complete dedication, but he also won my case. For years I was struggling with this plaintiff and after long last the case came to a close in my favor. The amount of the case protected all of my property and assets and he clearly did all he could to make sure none of it was tampered with. Anytime I was uneasy on certain subjects he was always one text or phone call away where he was readily available to answer my uncertainties. During trial dates he was early to explain the process to me and let me know what to expect. Thank you Neil for all of your hard work and I know you’re as happy as I am to protect my $2.7 Million dollar case!

Successfully Defended a $2.7 Million Dollar Case.

Posted by Antonio
February 6, 2020

So thankful for Mr. Opdahl-López! He was the only person I would feel comfortable relying on in a situation like my own. Neil put in a incredible amount of work to get me everything I wanted (no jail time) and really helped relive not only my own stress about the matter but my families as well! He went to court multiple times to fight for me. More then most lawyers would do regarding a dui. If it wasn’t for people like Neil who give it their all the courts would be running all over us! Thank you again Neil for helping me out and getting me back on the right track and thank you from my family! You are a godsend! Anybody would be lucky to have Neil defending them! I wouldn’t trust anyone else when it comes to matters of law! Thank you again Neil and god bless!


Posted by Erick
February 3, 2020

Couldn’t be happier with Neil saved me from going to jail in my Dui case I was being charged for a dui while speeding over 100+ and they were trying to put me in Jail but Neil was able to keep me free and reduced my fines and was able to work everything down so I can still be able to provide for my family would highly recommend Neil for any representation he is the man!!!!!Thanks Neil for everything really appreciate it.

Preocupado por mi accidente

Posted by Miguel
January 15, 2020

Estuve involucrado en un accidente en el que nadie resultó herido, el único daño fue en mi vehículo y con eso la policía me informó que podría estar en serios problemas ya que se consideró abandonar la pantalla de un accidente y posiblemente mi licencia suspendida. Decidí obtener un consejo legal de Neil Opdahl Lopez. Le expliqué mi situación y él tomó mi caso. Fue muy servicial y ayudó a tranquilizarme con mi situación. Se ocupó directamente con el departamento de policía, el confiscó vehículo y me guió a través del proceso de seguro. Los servicios con los que Neil me ayudó realmente ayudaron a liberar mi vehículo a la compañía de seguros que estaba bajo la custodia del departamento de policía. También impidió que me acusaran de algún delito y mi licencia no fue suspendida.


Posted by Steven
December 15, 2019

When looking for a lawyer to finalize my divorce and to start an eviction I was worried I would be searching for ever. Neil was the first one I contacted. I hired him because he was confident and easy to work with. I felt I didn’t need to look any further. He kept me updated on both cases and I never felt out if the loop.


Posted by Steven
December 15, 2019

When looking for a lawyer to finalize my divorce and to start an eviction I was worried I would be searching for ever. Neil was the first one I contacted. I hired him because he was confident and easy to work with. I felt I didn’t need to look any further. He kept me updated on both cases and I never felt out if the loop.

Great lawyer

Posted by Erika
December 11, 2019

Neil was recommended to me by a good friend after being pulled over and detained for a 6 year old dui violation of probation warrant from orange county. I was worried about going to my court date and possibly having to do jail time. So I hired Neil he took care of everything, he went to court for me and got me off with a few court fees and no jail time. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends or anyone who finds themselves in legal troubles.

Tremendous Guy

Posted by David
December 8, 2019

Neil is as good of a guy as you can find in the field, like a breath of fresh air. He has heart, really cares and it’s obvious. I felt like I was talking to a friend. Neil did not just review a document and give me an impersonal summary, Neil actually went the extra mile, going over the documents line by line. Then answering a TON of questions. Very patient. Among other things an expert in contracts. Could not recommend him highly enough. Thank you Neil….. David Z S – SAG Actor

Excellently definitive!

Posted by Simon
November 23, 2019

Neil was great! Friendly, courteous, informative, and was able to come up with the great plan, and deliver a fantastic result! No matter the issue, you should hire Neil!

Unlawful Detainer/Eviction Wiz

Posted by  Dalana
October 23, 2019

Neil Opdahl recently helped me with a very sticky unlawful detainer/eviction issue I was having. After the tragic deaths of two family members, I inherited a home that had a family of deadbeat tenants who used my tragedy as a means of squatting for free in the home. Their refusal to leave forced me to pay the rent as well as take care of my own family, which made this already unbearable situation a full blown nightmare. Neil made himself available to me, walked me through exactly what I needed to do in order to get these people out of my house legally, and followed up in a timely and caring manner.
During this time, I was also having issues with my property management company at my apartment (as if I needed any more problems), and Neil stepped in and handled that in one fell swoop. He truly cared for the well being of myself and my family, and helped me more than any other attorney I spoke with. To say he is knowledgeable on this subject would be an understatement, as he truly has a gift for practicing law. I deeply appreciate his work to help me get through these difficult times. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who asks me.

Neil E Opdhal.

Posted by Rosa
September 24, 2019

El abogado Neil Opdhal es muy profesional ejerciendo su trabajo. Estoy muy satisfecha como resolvio mi caso

Mothers Day Weekend DUI Disaster.

Posted by LB
September 10, 2019

I was pulled over on the I-40 E on Mother’s Day weekend as well as arrested. I was arrested on the grounds I was under the influence of my prescribed anxiety medication. It was apparent to anyone who came into contact with me I was not intoxicated in anyway shape or form. I spoke to my husband on the phone who was waiting for my son and I to return home and he was so confused, My mom and dad(who is a retired police officer) talked to me as well as picked my son up made a comment to the sheriff my son said I did not seem messed up . The sheriff told my parents I did not seem in any way impaired. So, I looked to retain a lawyer, I looked for several and came upon Neil. He wasn’t even going that far to Barstow but agreed to take my case. He dove right in and I had my first court date moved 2 xs as well as my DMV hearing only for it all to be shelved. Neil was ready to fight and take this to trail if he had too.
It is looking like right now it will hopefully just run out on the statute of limitations.
I highly recommend hiring Neil if you are in need of a Criminal Defense Lawyer. He is a good lawyer, and will keep you calm as well as reassure you. He will not blow smoke up your a** either.

Muy Buena Repesentacion….

Posted by anonymous
August 23, 2019

Yo tuve la oportunidad de contratar a Niel en un caso legal y quede muy satisfecho con la repesentacion que hiso. Me ayudo en mi caso y lo recomendaria a cualquier persona que este en cualquier situacion legal. Siempre estuvo a el tanto de mi caso y tiene muy buena cominicasion con el cliente.