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A new addition to the team here, Georgina Rodriguez worked for the Alhambra Police Department as a 911 Police and Fire Dispatcher for Seven years, from 1998 to 2001. She also studied with staff members from the Los Angeles D.E.A.’s office and assisted in deescalating numerous dangerous situations for the safety of our law enforcement officers and the community. Georgina also assisted and aided at-risk children through the D.A.R.E. Program, flourishing and realizing her love and dedication for children worked during her tenure at The Alhambra Police Department. Since defining and pursuing her passion and calling, Georgina works with Special Education students and parents at the Norwalk La-Mirada School District Office. Georgina has held many positions over the years, such as: general aide, a nurse’s aide, a transition specialist, and an advocate for students in many different capacities, and continues this tradition of service in many meaningful ways. Georgina recently assisted in opening a Special Education Department with Inspire Charter Schools to serve special education students’ needs in a better way. Through all this, Georgina funded her own education in order to get her Paralegals Certificate and her Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice. Georgina, a community advocate with a tried and proven record of public service, desires nothing more than to fight for all people who cannot fight for themselves. In the same spirit of service, Georgina desires to assist amicable couples in resolving their dissolution, in order to reach resolution and move on in a healthy manner.