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About Neil

As a former Judge Advocate in the Marine Corps, I have a comprehensive and unparalleled experience.

Neil Opdahl-Lopez (Major, USMCR) is a former Judge Advocate who served active duty aboard Camp Pendleton, California (2011-2018), and stood in various attorney positions including: prosecutor, civil law, and staff judge advocate. Through this comprehensive and foundational experience, then Captain Opdahl-Lopez learned the value of a multi-faceted base of knowledge and experience in order to accomplish the task and mission at hand, no matter the circumstances. Since parting from active duty in 2015, he transitioned into nonprofit work, where he defended indigent clients against slumlords and being evicted through unlawful detainers for several years. In late 2017, Neil instituted his own private practice and struck out on his own, and put his vast array of experience to work- he now specializes in DUI defense, criminal defense, and divorces (uncontested). As a member of the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD), Neil completed the summer 2019 intensive course in Boston, MA (graduation pictured). Major Opdahl-Lopez still stands as a current drilling Marine in the reserves, and is the Los Angeles representative for the Marine For Life Program. Neil stands ready to fight for your rights and prides himself on client satisfaction. Contact him for a free consultation today!